This article is to diagnose a healthy Butler/Robot system and only applies if you have our Butler quilting robot.

The following tests assume that you have no communication errors and everything is powered on and communicating. If not check out Communication/Power Issues.

Check if there is a thread stuck around one of the motor pulleys. To check the x-pulley, disengage the tensioner with the lever on the top of the black motor box.Remove the thread from the pulley.
Make sure the motor pulleys are tight and do not slip at all.Tighten the motor pulleys with its set screws.
Make sure the belts are not loose or too tight when they are engaged (they should have around 0.25 inches of play when pressing down on them, but no slack).
Also check to see if there is anything on the belts or if they are damaged in any way. It is possible they are stretched.
Tighten/loosen the belts to the appropriate tension.
If the belt is deformed or have damage, a new belt can be ordered to replace it.
Check that the X and Y axis coordinates are within 0.167 inches of the distance they are actually measuring. Test Robot/Butler MotorsIf the coordinates are not measuring distance correctly, most likely a motor needs to be replaced. This requires an approved technician to replace it by sending it in for repair.

How to Send in My Product for Repair

If all those tests pass and are behaving normally, you can positively say your robot motor system is working as intended.

If your machine is still having problems, then we recommend doing more field tests to identify what to do to get your machine working as soon as possible.