This article is to diagnose a healthy robot system and only applies if you have our Butler quilting robot (aka Quilt Magician, Quilt-so-clever).

The following tests assume that you have no communication errors and everything is powered on and communicating. If not check out Communication/Power Issues.

Check the machine type is correct.Select the appropriate machine from the drop down list. All this does is send different signals to your machine, so testing different machine types to see what works won't hurt your machine. [insert machine type list article]
Under the Machine tab in the Settings, check that the "Stitching" button puts the machine into regulated stitching and "Needle Up" moves the needle.
If the "Stitching" or "Needle Up" buttons don't work, then most likely the Machine Type is set wrong.

If the correct machine type is selected and "Stitching" or "Needle Up" don't move the needle (or none of the machine types work), then there is something wrong with the handlebar cable that is plugged into your robot may not be connected properly or is bad. These cables may be ordered for replacement.
Check the handlebar cable is connected correctly.Follow instructions or call dealer for help installing the handlebar cable.

How to Send in My Product for Repair 

If all those tests pass and are behaving normally, you can positively say your robotics are working as intended. 

If your machine is still having problems, then we recommend doing more field tests to identify what to do to get your machine working as soon as possible.