This article is to diagnose healthy carriage encoders and only applies if you have our Perfect Stitch regulating electronics (your machine may have come with them, but many do not).

The following tests assume that you have no communication errors and everything is powered on and communicating. If not check out Communication/Power Issues.

Make sure the encoder is reading a difference of about 2500 when run 6 inches in the diagnostics screen. You can do this by noting the beginning encoder reading, rolling the encoder by hand 6 inches, then noting the final reading and taking the difference between the two readings.
  • If one of the encoders does not pass the above test, take note if it is the Btm or Top reading that is malfunctioning.
  • Then swap the ports the encoders are plugged into. Run the above test again and take note if the Btm or Top readings are wrong.
If an encoder does not read a difference close to 2500 when run 6 inches and after swapping the ports
- the bad reading on screen stays on the same button (Btm or Top), then this indicates a problem with the regulating electronics (PCB mounted in the back) and the encoders and PCB should be sent in.
- the bad reading moved from Btm to Top, or Top to Btm, then this indicates one of the encoders is bad and a new encoder may be purchased.
Check the tension of the encoder, that it is tight enough and is consistently pressing down on the rail.Increase the tension.
Check that the track where the encoder runs is clear of debris and clean (no oil).Clear and clean the rails/track for the encoders.
Check that the encoder wheel is not deformed (oblong or damaged) and turns freely.If it is damaged or does not turn freely, a new encoder may be purchased to replace it.

How to Send in My Product for Repair 

If all those tests pass and are behaving normally, you can positively say your carriage encoders are working as intended. 

If your machine is still having problems, then we recommend doing more field tests to identify what to do to get your machine working as soon as possible.