You are getting a quilt done and everything is going well. You have just enough time to get the quilt done before you give it as a gift for a wedding or out to a impatient customer. Then something goes wrong and you don't know how to fix it.

Isn't that the most frustrating thing? It seems to happen at the most inconvenient time every time!

We can't be sure there won't ever be a problem with our product, so when this happens we make sure you have several channels to get the technical support you need to get that quilt finished. 

24-hour Support

The best places to check for support are on our YouTube channel, or here at because they are available anytime you need help, night or day. You'll find helpful documentation on troubleshooting steps including our New! At Home Diagnostics, common problems, FAQs, policies, our helpful digital assistant name Quez, and you can even issue your own support ticket through these channels. Find help here.

Dealer Support

The first line of defense is your dealer, which is the person/company you bought your Quilt EZ product from. They have training and access to direct technical support from Quilt EZ and hold a standard of excellence in servicing their customers. If they can't get your machine working properly, then they will reach out to Quilt EZ and get additional training from Quilt EZ technicians to make sure they can get you (and their other customers') machines running smoothly. Locate a dealer here.

If you purchased your Quilt EZ product from a dealer that is no longer in business or a person that is not a dealer, then they have given up your technical support at your expense. Luckily, we have an avenue for these customers to obtain the technical support they need through the purchase of a Service Package.

If you purchased your Quilt EZ product directly from Quilt-EZ, we provide you the technical support you would receive from a dealer. However, because we are busy filling orders and doing repairs we highly recommend purchasing through a dealer who has made it their mandate to provide excellent on demand customer service.