Have you ever tried learning new design editing software and been overwhelmed? However complex the Perfect Stitch app is, we want to make sure it is never overwhelming. We have provided lots of resources for you to learn what each and every button does on the Butler robot layout and pattern managing screens. 

The first and most convenient resource is the "info" button that looks like. When you tap theicon then you can select any other button and it will bring up a small information window giving the name and describing the function of that button. Each of these small windows also has a video icon that you may tap to access a video tutorial of that button (NOTE: you must be connected to wifi if it is the first time you are watching each video in order to download the help video onto your tablet, but once you've watched the video once, you should be able to access that video again offline).

Check out How Do I Get Technical Support? for more resources available to you.