Explanation of issue

On rare occasion it is possible, usually due to a brown-out condition, for the PerfectStitch controller to get corrupted. The PerfectStitch controller, however, contains another bit of code called the bootloader. This code is in a separate location on the processor and is protected against being overwritten. If you look at the PerfectStitch controller’s indication LEDs and they look like this constantly

then the PerfectStitch is stuck in bootloader mode. This short tutorial will show how to flash the proper programming onto the PerfectStitch.

Step 1

This tutorial is best viewed from the Android tablet.
First, we will need to download some files from the web.
Download a file manager from the Play Store or a trusted website that can unzip .zip files and install this app onto your tablet.
Next download the latest firmware image: PerfectStitch Firmware Version 5.35. This file is an archive file, or zip file.

Step 2

Use a file explorer (or unzipping app) to unzip the firmware files.

  • Open the file explorer
  • Click on Internal Storage
  • Click the Download folder
  • Do a long press on LS2_HP_535h.zip
  • After the file is selected, click More in the bottom toolbar and select Extract to from the popup list.
  • The default path that it chooses is preferred. Just press OK.
  • This should have created a folder called LS2_HP_535h. In this folder you will find two files, LS2_HP_535h.hex and LS2_HP_535h.md5.

Step 3

Push the firmware over to the PerfectStitch controller using the Android tablet.

  • Open the PerfectStitch software.
  • Under the PerfectStitch user interface, select the Folder icon.
  • Click Advanced
  • Click the Update Machine button to open the file picker.
  • Select the sdcard folder. Press Open.
  • Select the Download folder. Press Open.
  • Select the LS2_HP_535h folder. Press Open.
  • Select LS2_HP_535h.hex file. Press Open.
  • You should be prompted to okay the firmware upgrade. Press the check mark button.

If the firmware is successfully transferred to the PerfectStitch controller the tablet program should indicate that it has. If not, an error code will be displayed. If this process errors out, it may not be possible to update your particular unit in the field.