Startup Codes

LED 1 – Power

This is the power LED. This LED will always be on if there is power running to the board.

If light is Off

If this LED is not on please check the Power Fuse and that the machine is plugged in.

If this LED is off but other LEDs are on, then there is a problem with this LED only.

LED 2 – Program Running

This is the program running LED. Once the machine is turned on this LED with come on in a few seconds. This LED shows that the software is running.

If light is Off

If this LED does not come on after 5 seconds, and LED1 is on, and the system does not function, then there is a problem with the programming on the board.

Error Codes

LED 3 – Motor Encoder

This LED will begin blinking if the encoder mounted on the back of the motor is not working.

If light is Blinking

This could be a loose wire or a wire connected in the wrong place. A notice will be sent to the screen. The LED will be turned off upon acknowledgement.

LED 4 – Motor Index

Upon start up this LED will turn on and blink for 5 seconds. The system is being initialized during this time and will not be operable.

If light is Blinking

If after the start up period LED4 starts blinking, then the Motor Index sensor has not been detected. A notice will be sent to the screen and the LED will stop blinking after the acknowledge.

LED 5 – Motor Obstructions/Software

Upon start up LED5 will turn on briefly. This shows that the software is starting up.

If light is Blinking

After start up if LED5 starts blinking in 1 second intervals, then the system’s motor appears to be stuck. A notice will appear on the screen. After an acknowledge of the notice, the blinking light will be turned off. Check the motor for obstructions.