This error indicates that the x motor can no longer stay on the track.

Remove obstacles

Ensure that the tracks are clean and there are no obstacles that the motor is running into.

Check constants

Check that the constants are correct in the motor box settings.

Adjust E Stop

Your E. Stop Value may be too low. Increase the E. Stop in increments of 50 until you reach 300 to 350.

Lock Test Motor

A part of the motor may be malfunctioning. Lock the motor using the Horizontal Lock feature. Apply pressure left and right. The lock should be firm and unable to move. To test the remaining portion of the motor, unlock, move a 1/4″, then repeat the test. Do this arcoss the entire revelution of the motor.

Disable Rear Port

Your system may be recieving “noise” commands, or in other words accidental signals, through the rear port. Go to Folder > Advanced > Disable Rear Port. Run a few test patterns to determine if the problem persists.