If you attempt to turn on the tablet and get no response, you can try the following:

  1. Make sure the machine is turned on and the PWR1 and PWR2 lights are solid Red on the back of the hub (the black box located behind the tablet) and the power cable is firmly inserted into the tablet. Try to turn on the tablet again.
  2. If only PWR2 is solid Red, unplug the USB from the tablet Host port and plug back in.
  3. If only PWR1 is solid Red, unplug the CAT5 cable from the hub and plug back in, making sure it clicks in place.
  4. If the tablet does not turn on, leave the machine powered on and let it charge for 10 to 15 minutes and try again.

When you power down your machine, the tablet will go into sleep mode. The screen will be black, but the tablet is still powered on in the background and will drain the battery. Also  if you try to turn the tablet off before the machine and robot, the tablet will power back on because it is still receiving a charge from the machine or robot. This will also cause the battery to drain.

To avoid this issue remember to always power off the tablet last.

You may want to check that the tablet is off by tapping (do not hold) the power button. If the screen lights up, then the tablet has not powered down. Hold the power button and select the power down option.

Note: If the tablet is not receiving power from the machine, the battery has approximately 30 minutes of operating battery life remaining on a full charge.