1. The machine not stitching may be caused by a few different things.  Please follow the steps below to narrow down the culprit.
  2. Are you able to use your handle bars and stitch regulate?
    1. If no, then the robotics will not stitch regulate and you need to narrow down why this is not working.
      1. Sometimes it is simply because the encoder wheels on your carriage are no longer rolling on the carriage.  Fixing this can easily solve your problem.
    2. If yes, stitching from your handle bars does work, then move onto step #2.
  3. Confirm all of your cable connections.
    1. As the Butler system can go on several different machines, confirm the connections of your respective machine that they are all plugged in and seated well.
  4. Confirm the machine type:
    1. This video will walk you through setting the machine type of your machine and why you would use a respective machine type.

Please note the list below of what machine type your machine should be set to for your respective machine: