USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Not actively updated for correctness.

The display software has become corrupted and no longer works.

Download file

Unzip file to desktop

Copy to SD card

Copy all the following files onto a SD card into the root of the SD card. (i.e. these file are not in a directory on the SD card)

  • boot.scr
  • boot2.scr
  • u-boot.bin
  • qt.rootfs
  • uImage.PL3000.

Update Display

Place the SD card in the Remote

Power on the Remote

Text will appear on the screen and the re-imaging of the files will begin. The Remote may restart a few times so do not be alarmed if the screen goes blank.

When the re-imaging is complete the screen will show the TL logo and the system will start.

The System will require you to enter in the Serial number which is found on the bottom side of the Touch Screen

Delete added files

Remove SD card and erase all files that were placed on the SD card. Keeping the files on the SD card will cause it to re-image every time it is restarted.

Update as needed

This will set the system at version 4.5.5. Run through the standard update procedure to update to the latest release.