USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Not actively updated for correctness.

This update below will be the update for your 7″ display, your black motor box AND your machine.  This 1 update will take care of all 3 pieces.

If you only have a robotic piece and your display does not plug into your machine, but in fact runs directly to the motor box only, the machine update portion will be discarded by the system and it will only update your display and your motor box.

Before you begin

Check your current version

Go to File > Advanced > System information to check on your current version number. The update you will download depends on your current display version number.

Perform the Update

After you get your system up to the 4.7.5 version, you can then download the 4.8.8 version and be up to date.

Do not unzip or modify the file in anyway.

Copy this file to the top directory on your USB drive

Place the USB drive into the touchscreen and follow the on-screen instructions by pressing the “Update System” button.

If the update file isn’t recognized

Sometimes the display won’t respond with an option to update the system when the USB is inserted to update. If you have Winzip installed, this may be interfering with the update file when it is downloaded.

If possible, try downloading the update on a computer on which Winzip isn’t installed. you could also uninstall Winzip temporarily and then re-install it after the update process is finished.