A Repair is referred to as an RMA in our shop. This article tells how we keep track of things for you and keep you updated while your product is in the shop.

We know how annoying it is to have your machine malfunction, so we want to make sure this goes smoothly so we can get you back to what you do best; quilting!

The status of your RMA will go through three stages: received, ready to ship, and shipped

We know you want to stay updated, so we will send you emails from support@quiltez.com updating you throughout this process.

Some friendly definitions include:

recieved means your tenderly packaged product has arrived at our factory by a technician and will be worked on. The time it takes to finish working on your RMA depends on the current demand for our repair services and will be worked on in the order it was received. Expect about 2 weeks and we'll do our best to surprise you by getting it done sooner! We will be in contact with you during this phase to make sure we get your OK on any expensive repairs.

ready to ship means we've finished working on your product and have it healthy and ready for quilting again. This also will be the stage we will collect payment from you via telephone based on the repairs we did, if needed.

shipped means we have recorded your product being shipped back to you! This is where you can relax because you know your product will be back in your hands soon, so you can get quilting.